The Art of Intuition Podcast

Connecting intuitively. A man‘s point of view with Cody Edner and Susan Jane.

November 18, 2021

1.82 Connecting intuitively. A man's point of view with Cody Edner and Susan Jane.

Here’s a first on the Art of Intuition Podcast. We are really excited to bring you a man’s point of view about the intuitive connection with Cody Edner. As you develop your intuition there comes a time when you want to discuss your spirituality with your partner/parent. With so much stigma around men and intuition, have you ever thought about the best way to approach it? Cody’s 35 years of experience gives you a few hints about doing so from a man’s point of view. Make your connections of the intuitive kind and whatever you do, don’t miss this episode.

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